About us

For over 40 years we have been offering high quality work in the field of greenery.


For over 40 years we have been offering high-quality work in the field of greenery.

Dedicated to the production which we serve with passion, consistency, and professionalism until today, we cultivate from seeds and cuttings, ornamental plants of high standards, in all sizes.

Our production, more than 300 species, is spread over 45 hectares of outdoor facilities and 4 hectares of glass-fenced greenhouses and covered crops in Marathon and Messolonghi.

Having years of experience combined with the continuous development and search for new technologies, we take care every day, a set of reliable and qualified partners, to create the product that meets your needs.

*Our products are also available at the Flower Consortium in Amygdaleza.

Our Goal

Our goal is to respond dynamically to the call of the new era, opening new horizons and markets, always ensuring the quality of product and service that has established us.

Why choose us


40 Years of Experience

We are constantly improving our production methods in pursuit of an excellent final product.


We export high quality plants to European countries such as Cyprus, Romania, Albania, but mainly Italy. Our exports are increasing dramatically year by year.

Deliveries all over Greece

Apart from the two points of distribution of our products, which are our nurseries in Marathon and SYNFAT, we also deliver to the agencies in Athens to reach all parts of Greece.