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Our Nurseries

Our plants are produced in our two modern nurseries in Marathon and in Evinochori, Messolonghi. The distribution of the products is done in Marathon where there is the possibility of shipping to the agencies of Athens and in the kiosk we maintain in SYNFAT (Agricultural Flower Cooperative Nursery Nursery Amygdaleza) where we serve exclusively professionals.


In Messolonghi, most of our products are produced vertically. We cultivate 38 hectares of outdoor facilities 5 of which are cultivated in the ground and 3 hectares of glass-fenced greenhouses.


Our Nursery in Marathon is a single area of 7.5 hectares of which 1.1 hectares are glass-fenced greenhouses, which are our modern rootstocks, and 0.4 hectares of shade.


We maintain a permanent showroom of 100 sqm on the premises of SYNFAT in Amygdaleza Acharnon.  We supply daily with our products in order to ensure a valid service to professionals.


For over 40 years we have been offering high-quality work in the field of greenery. Dedicated to the production which we serve with passion, consistency, and professionalism until today, we cultivate from seeds and cuttings, horticultural plants of high standards, in all sizes.

Our Products

We vertically produce a wide range of horticultural plants of all types such as ornamental shrubs, trees, pots, aromatic climbers, and others.  The plants are cultivated with modern means and high know-how so that they have the best possible transplanting behavior in the planting area.


Herbs – Perennials - Grasses

Evergreen Trees

Deciduous Trees

Evergreen Shrubs

Deciduous Shrubs


Tropical - Subtropical

Our Projects

During our 40 years of operation, we have supplied large and demanding public or private projects with absolute success.

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